45 projects in the run for the Nordic data journalism championship

Who will win the “Nordic championship” of data journalism? This will be decided at the NODA conference in Odense on January 27th-28th. 

The NODA Awards will be awarded to three data journalism projects in the categories “Feature”, “Application” and “Investigative”. 45 brilliant projects have been submitted in almost equal numbers from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The “Feature” category is the biggest this year with 16 submissions, while “Applications” received 14 and “Investigative” received 15. Rules only allow for two submissions per category per editorial section, and both VG and Sveriges Radio are represented with two submissions in each category. Helsingin Sanomat, YLE and Danish TV 2 each have 5 submissions.

All projects are presented in short at the website: www.nodabase.net/cases.

Next step is for the jury to pick out 5 projects in each category to be nominated and compete at the award ceremony. A list will be published with direct links to these projects.

Instructions and categories 

The prizes are awarded for the following three categories:

1. Investigative data journalism
(Data-driven investigative journalism – using data to reveal facts.)
Should have influence on society. Journalism and user experience on the highest level. Usage of one or more datasets should be significant for the project.

2. Feature data journalism
(Data storytelling with text, visualisation, video)
Storytelling providing insight through putting data in context. Text, graphics, video, maps or other innovative presentations of data. Entertaining and playful aspects could also be emphasised.

3. Application
(Data-driven applications)
Sharing data with the public through services providing insight, intuitive navigation, and simplicity in further use.

Projects published in 2016 can be entered from media companies or freelancers in all Nordic countries. The jury will place special emphasis on resource utilisation, methods and mastery of tools. The number of entries is limited to two entries per category and newsroom for the effective work of the jury. The entry window was open from the December 1st 2016 to January 4th, 2017, and is now closed.

The jury may nominate a number of entries for publishing before the award itself. The nominees and winners will be presented at the award ceremony at NODA17 in Odense on January 27th, 2017.

For questions: Trond I. Hovland, trond@hovland.com, phone +47 90103143