VJ’s: Mathias Julius Falkengaard, Laura Kold, Freya Ea Bjørnlund & Nadia Pedersen
Editor/Supervisor: Filip Wallberg


“Newsrooms need a better way to collaborate on modern and next generation tools.” – Mirko Lorenz, Datawrapper.


“Data journalism is first and foremost a method to make people more aware of the society around them” – Katrine Birkedal Frich, Editor at the DR investigative data team.


What can journalists and developers learn from each other? Journalist and developer Øyvind Engan from VG answers the question:


Drones, 360-videos and VR: ” It’s all about giving the viewer the ability to explore a story on their own.” – Ben Kreimer, Journalism Technologist.


“The most important thing that data journalists can do right now is acknowledge their limitations” – Nikki Usher, Assistant Professor at George Washington University.


Fake news? “On social media it’s very hard to tell the difference” – Alastair Reid, Managing Editor, First Draft News.


“A lot of people ask me if the robots are gonna take our jobs. I think we shouldn’t fear the robots” – Magnus Aabech, journalist at NTB.


“There are brilliant tools that let you sort through the data and find the information you want” – Paul Myers, BBC’s Investigation Support initiative.