Nikki Usher

Assistant Prof at GWU's School of Media and Public Affairs

Aron Pilhofer

James B. Steele Chair in Journalism Innovation at Temple University. Former executive editor of digital at The Guardian. Co-founder of DocumentCloud and Hacks/Hackers.

Helena Bengtsson

Editor, Data Projects at the Guardian

Amy Webb - Photo: Shoden, CC BY-SA 4.0
Amy Webb

Futurist, founder of the Future Today Institute

Magnus Bjerg

Head of the editorial development team, TV 2 Danmark. Chairman, Danish Online News Association.

Liv-Jorunn Håker Ottesen

Head of Digital Development at Sunnmørsposten

Esa Mäkinen
Esa Mäkinen

Head of dev, data & interactives at Helsingin Sanomat

Jens Finnäs

Journalism++ Stockholm

Anders Bergmann

Frontend developer and head of the editorial development team, TV 2 Danmark

Matt Cooke

Google News Lab lead for the UK, Ireland and Nordics

Paul Myers
Paul Myers

Internet research specialist, BBC

Turo Uskali

Focusing on journalism & innovations at the University of Jyväskylä

Tommy Kaas

Kaas & Mulvad

Mirko Lorenz

Journalist, Co-founder, Datawrapper

Ben Kreimer

Free-range journalism technologist working with 360° video, 3D virtual reality, drones, and crowdsourced microcomputer sensor platforms.

Jens Holm

Data journalist, Jysk Fynske Medier

Timme Bisgaard Munk


Christian Loiborg
Christian Loiborg

Digital and social media editor, Jysk Fynske Medier

Lisa Merete Kristensen
Lisa Merete Kristensen

Journalist, PhD student uncovering digital news values at and the University of Southern Denmark

Øyvind Engan

Journalist and editorial developer, VG

Marianne Bouchart

Data journalist, manager of the DJA 2017 competition, founder of, lecturer

Kasper Hülsen

Chief Market & Business Development Officer, Infomedia

Katrine Birkedal Frich

Editor at the Investigative Data Team, DR

Juhani Saarinen
Juhani Saarinen

Producer, data desk at Helsingin Sanomat

Lars Underbjerg

Security Manager, STOP - Nordic Content Protection

Dale Herigstad

Advanced Interaction Consultant, co-founder of Seespace.

Niels Mulvad

Kaas & Mulvad

Morten Halskov

Journalist, Fagbladet 3F

Kristoffer Örstadius

Investigative reporter, DN

Filip Wallberg

Journalistic lecturer, University of Southern Denmark

... and many more